About Me

My name is Michelle Cooper, Web Designer. After recently completing my training in Web Design, I have worked on several freelance projects locally. I am multi-talanted and enjoy letting my creative juices flow in web design. I have acquired exeperience in various areas however, web design is where my passion lies. It allows me to utilize my various areas of expertise in one job.


I take deadlines very seriously! In choosing me, you will be getting 100% client satisfaction because all of our scheduled deadlines will be met without difficulty. I provide prompt, professional service with an eye for detail and customization. Whatever your vision, I can work with you translate that vision into your brand or web identity.


When I start something, I always make sure it is completed. Along with my education in web design, I am always seeking ways to imporve my skills and abilities by online tutorials and keeping up to date with the latest in the web design arena. In my free time, I am always looking for new design and development trends and also spend time researching old ones.